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Welcome to our family-operated haven of Persian culinary expertise, where each dish represents a skillful blend of home-style warmth and authenticity. From our acclaimed kebabs to fragrant stews, immerse yourself in the finest Persian flavours crafted with love. Explore our lively vegetarian options and conclude your culinary journey with indulgent desserts. Our thoughtfully curated beverages complement every bite, harmonising taste and tradition. Join us in relishing the intricate tapestry of Persian cuisine – a heartfelt, award-winning embrace that encapsulates our family's culinary heritage. To make your experience even more convenient, you can conveniently place your order online through our website or by using the app available on both Android and Apple IOS platforms.

Fresh Products

In the preparation of each meal, only top-notch fresh meat is utilised.

Skilled Chefs

Authentic recipes are employed by skilled Persian chefs to craft every dish.

Fresh Juices & Fermented drinks

Homemade fermented yogurt drinks are incorporated into the menu, adapting to seasonal availability.

Vegan & Vegetarian

Vegan and vegetarian options are also offered on the menu.

Sufi's Lamb Shanks

Sufi's Philosophy

“Sufi, a Persian restaurant in the heart of West London, Ver Close to Westfield Shopping Centre, embraces a philosophy centred on the use of fresh ingredients and original recipes to craft authentic home-style Persian dishes. Our culinary approach is deeply rooted in ancestral techniques, employing a natural char-grill, and the aromatic essence of smoke. This commitment to tradition, however, naturally imposes limitations on the number of diners we can accommodate without compromising the essence of our unique cuisine.”

Sufi, Authentic Persian Kitchen

Special Dishes

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