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Restaurant Gallery

Lamb Fillet & Minced

Marinated Lamb fillet i char grilled with minced lamb. Served with Saffron Rice and Salad.

Spicy King Prawns

Chilli & Tamarind slow cooked with herbs served with friend King Prawns. [Speciality of Persian Gulf "Ghaliye Mahi"

Chicken Fillet&Lamb

Marinated Chicken fillet chargrilled with minced lamb. Served with Saffron Rice

Chicken Barberry Rice

Slow cooked chicken with barberry Saffron Barberry Rice ( Pistachio & Almond) "Zershk Polo"

Mix Platter

Mix Platter of Lamb and chicken Kebabs for 4-5 people

Grilled Salmon

Marinated Salmon fillet, Chargrilled to perfection served with saffron rice and salad

Grilled Lamb chops

A skewer of Marinated Lamb chops served with Rice and Salad

Lamb Fillet

Thin Steak like cuts of lamb marinated and grilled served with saffron rice and salad

Duck Pomegranate

Traditional Persian Pomegranate Stew with Duck

Starter Platter

Selection of 5 Starters (Dips).

Lamb Shank

Traditional Persian Dish, Lamb shank with broadbeans and Dill Rice. "BAGHALIE POLO BA MAHICHE"

Shirazi Salad

Persian Shirazi Salad

Sufi Kebab

Marinated Lamb fillet and Chicken with grilled onion and red peper

Olives & Walnuts

Marinated Green olives with walnuts and Pomegranate

Crispy Rice

Crispy rice topped with Herb & lamb Stew


Marinated small chicken char-grilled. Served with rice and Salad

Lamb fillet

Cubic cuts of lamb fillets char-grilled served with rice and salad


Home made Humous

Yogurt & Sweet Garlic

Yogurt and Sweet Garlic Dip

Aubergine & Whey

Popular Aubergine and Whey dip

Smoked Aubergine

Famous Smoked Aubergine, Eggs & Tomato dip. " Mirza Ghassemi"

Freshly baked Naan

Freshly baked naan "Taftoon"

Spices We use

Quality Spices we use in our Kitchen 🙂

Fresh Green

Fresh Herbs and Green used daily

Green Salad

Spicy King Prawn

Speciality of the Persian Gulf, herbs slow cooked with Tamarind and fresh chopped red chilli, served with Saffron Basmati Rice

Chicken Pomegranate

Chicken pomegranate served with Saffron basmati rice

Persian Tea

Sufi's Own blend of Persian Tea, enjoy it with fresh baklava